Vision and Mission

The mission of the Wordmogul is to create a distraction-free platform for writing great content.

We attempt to make Wordmogul an independent and owner-operated. This will allow us to make long-term production decisions that help the Wordmogul ecosystem. We plan to build something that lasts ~100 years. We want to have users write their memoirs on Wordmogul, and have their grandkids read them.

To keep the platform independent, we charge a modest fee. This ensures that we don't have to sell your data, display ads or flashy banners.

Financial goals

The most important goal is for Wordmogul to break-even.

This should happen at around 1000 paying users. Reaching 1000 users is likely a critical point, as it'll allow us to afford 1 developer working on platform features and fixing bugs reported by the users.

Our wishlist

Goal is to run a platform on the hardware that we own. We'd plan to run a platform on 3 servers placed in geographically distributed datacenters. This would enable us to stabilize costs, and establish a cost "bottom-line". We could start from commercial server providers at $40/mo (so 40 paying users would cover our annual server costs). For a slightly higher upfront cost ($1000/server + fixed priced hosting per month), we will ensure that the platform is independent of any cloud provider price changes.


Things that would help the platform:

Let us know what you'd like to see in Wordmogul and we'll budget that in.

How to help?

Recommend Wordmogul to your family and friends and encourage them to register.